Bisbee Turquoise - A Legendary Treasure


Bold, blue, and beautiful beyond belief, this Turquoise made it's debut in the 1950's after copper mining began in Bisbee, Arizona. The vivid and unforgettable color made it an instant favorite and it was highly sought after and snapped up by collectors and artists alike. 

Sadly, the access to this brilliant stone dwindled in the 1970's and now can only be found through collections that have long been tucked away for safe keeping and by being lucky enough to purchase this gem directly from the mine owners themselves. 

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to acquire one pound from a collector out of Tucson, Arizona and we have created one of the most incredible Turquoise sands I've ever laid eyes on. Our Bisbee Turquoise Sands won't be available for long, but if it's all sold out please don't fret. We are constantly on the hunt for coveted Turquoise varieties and hope to feature more soon! 


Bisbee Turquoise Chip Inlay Material

The Mystic Swirl of Medium Sand Bisbee Turquoise


Bisbee Turquoise Small Sand Inlay Material

A lovely specimen of the Bisbee batch is perched on a bag of Small Sand.


Bisbee Turquoise powder

Impossibly Blue, Impossibly fine. This delicate powder is pure Bisbee bliss. 


Bisbee Turquoise fine sand chip inlay

Our Small Sand Bisbee Turquoise is the perfect addition to almost any adventure. I can see it now in the most stunning bentwood ring, a jewelry inlay project, woodturning endeavors and more! 


Bisbee Turquoise chip inlay  

This Bisbee Turquoise in Medium sand is seriously stunning. Perfect little pieces of brilliantly blue stone ready to take your creation to new heights. 


Bisbee Turquoise chip inlay sand material

Have you ever seen a Turquoise so vibrant? I am in awe of the gifts from this earth and so grateful to create new ways for you all to use them in your works of art. The photo above features our Large Sand Bisbee Turquoise


Natural Bisbee Turquoise chips

Our Extra Large Sand Bisbee Turquoise glows with an allure that can't be denied.