DR RINGS - Exotic Bentwood Designs

Alacran Turquoise Bentwood Ring

Exotic Woods with rich warm tones collide with precious stones in these beautifully crafted creations. 


Don Raymond, the artist behind the incredible designs of DR RINGS, takes the tradition of turning rings to a whole new level with bold cores (like the cobalt blue featured above) and brilliant stone choices for channels that run through the rings like precious rivers. 


Located in Stittsville, Canada, DR RINGS is capable of crafting stunning pieces that will truly speak to your soul. Elevate your energy with one of his designs today! 


Abalone Koa Wood Bentwood ring

Abalone Paua Shell Koa Wood Bentwood Ring

The flash of Abalone (Paua) Shell takes me away to a posh island paradise and is only enhanced by the surrounding Golden Hawaiian Koa Wood. This combination couldn't be more perfect. Ride the wave of good vibes this ring is sending your way and take it home today! You can reach out to Don in his shop here!


Alacran Turquoise Bentwood Ring

Black Cherry Wood sets a toasty feel good mood against the rich tones of the Alacran Turquoise in this ring that has a Titanium core. Find his collection here!


Howlite inlay bentwood ring

Howlite chip inlay bentwood ring

This Howlite creates a bright bold look inside the Black Cherry ring with a Titanium core. Find it here!


Howlite on black ring

Deep and Dark Tulipwood creates the perfect canvas for the Howlite to shine in all it's glory. I love the contrast! Take it home here!


Bisbee Turquoise French Walnut Bentwood Ring

This bold blue will blow your mind in person! The Bisbee Turquoise in this Bentwood Ring is nestled inside of French Walnut wood and adds a special touch with a Teal Box Elder core inside. FIND IT HERE!


Bentwood Ring with Chrysocolla inlay

This deep chocolatey wood looks so inviting next to the awesome Amazonite inlay and that metal core adds a modern touch that we love! Find more of his designs here!  


Lapis Lazuli Bentwood ring

Alderwood is a lovely honey color and melts perfectly with the deep blue Lapis Lazuli. Get yours today!


Chrysocolla inlay Bentwood ring design

Santos Rosewood looks regal next to the unique blue of Chrysocolla running through the center of this ring set on a titanium core. Take it home today! 


Alacran Turquoise bentwood ring

Included in this post twice because it's just that nice is this mind blowing Alacran Turquoise Set. This combination is such a work of art that I'm tempted to hang it's photo on my wall. That rich green of the Alacran Turquoise is complimented by the pops of Caramel running through it that so beautifully tie in that wooden band. As if that's not lovely enough, you can see that Don knocked this stunner out of the park with an unexpectedly awesome Cobalt Blue Core. Salivating yet? We are. 


Reach out to Don today with your ideas, or visit his shop and see the work waiting to take it's place on your hand. 




Feeling inspired to add stone to your own designs? See our shop today!