High Vibrational Jewelry by Hill Country Mystic

Black Tourmaline with a Turquoise Nugget featured in the Center. Unique power piece that blocks negative energy and showers you with protection. Make it yours here!


When crystals and stones collide with passion and purpose, you get something truly special. A creation with intention. Hill Country Mystic is all about the use of the natural energy from the earth to bring specific energies into each piece. 


Whether you are looking to block out those negative vibes with Black Tourmaline, find some self love and calm anxiety with Amethyst, or just calling on the protective energy of Turquoise Hill Country Mystic has something for everyone. It's not just jewelry, but a wearable energetic art filled with Right Rocks crushed crystals and stones!


Montana Sodalite Silver French Earrings

The incredible color you see in these stunners is natural Sodalite from Montana and would sparkle like candy buttons on your ears! Sodalite is all about trusting your instincts, making decisions, and speaking your truth. Take them home here!


Amethyst Ring

This ring is filled with the prettiest purple Amethyst! The color is captivating and we love the simplicity of the piece that lets the Amethyst be the star of this creation. This ring is all about amplifying self love, creativity, and fostering a sense of calm. Take one home here!


Garnet small pendant silver necklace

I love the rich red wine sparkle of this Garnet in this pretty little pendant! Garnet is meant to ground you, let you heal past heartache, and let go of fear. Get yours here!


Mother of Pearl Earrings

The subtle iridescence of the Mother of Pearl in these earrings has me feeling like it will look fabulous with everything in my closet and would have no shortage of compliments I'm sure! Mother of Pearl is all about peace and being calm. You can find them here!


Red Jasper rectangle silver pendant necklace

Bold and beautiful, this red is an eye catching favorite. Filled with Red Jasper and lots of love, you can take one home here! Red Jasper is a super grounding stone. Feel like you are constantly overwhelmed and getting lost in your head? This is the stone for you!


Hill Country Mystic used Star Bond Super Fast thin CA glue to fill these gorgeous creations! The highest quality for a clear seal that will never fade, fall out, or disappoint. 




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