Native American Flutes with Right Rocks crushed stone inlay by Tommy Lee

Capturing the beauty of the collision between incredible rich woods, Right Rocks vibrant stone sands, and the magic of classic native american flute music is Tommy Lee's passion. The sight and sound of these works of art are nothing short of a physical representation of the very heart and soul of a man who has dedicated himself to mastering this craft and spreading joy through each and every custom creation. 


Please reach out to him at for your own one of a kind Native American flute. 


Native American Flutes with Right Rocks crushed stone inlay

From left to right, these stunners feature Lapis Lazuli, Pyrite, and Chrysocolla.


Native American Flutes with Right Rocks inlay  

These Native American Flutes include our Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, and Sugilite. 


Native American Flutes with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise inlay

These gorgeous flutes feature our beautiful Turquoise. 


Native American Flutes featuring Chrysocolla

The rich detail in the wood is complimented by our Chrysocolla in these flutes. 


Tommy Lee Native American Flutes with inlay

I just love how unique these pieces are. Wonderfully hand crafted and the inlay is our Pyrite in the top and the double band on the bottom flute is our Turquoise. 


See all the possibilities for inlay in your own creations here!