Resin Jewelry by Here & There Boutique

Nestled in Anchorage, Alaska is Here & There Boutique. A shop after my own heart with delightful ways to adorn yourself (and even your wine) with stone! Whimsical and full of wanderlust, Jessie Snyder’s designs take you to a wonderful world where shapes and treasures from the earth collide into wearable art under a layer of resin. 

Take the magic home from her shop here:

Turquoise Wave Resin Earrings

Alacran Turquoise is stunning in these wave kissed tear drop earrings. 

Garnet Turquoise Resin Earrings

Sand from Ketchikan, Alaska blended with Garnet and Turquoise blend beautifully in these gorgeous earrings. 


Lapis Chrysocolla Turquoise Resin Bar Necklace

Lapis, Chrysocolla, Turquoise, and lava sand from Kona, Big Island, Hawaii look like the perfect Ocean paradise in this bar necklace. 

Garnet Turquoise Resin Ring

Sand from Alaska, Garnet, and Turquoise shine in this statement ring. 

Garnet Pyrite Turquoise Bar Resin necklace

A beautiful bar filled with lovely treasures including Garnet, Turquoise, Pyrite and sand from Kodiak Island, Alaska.

Red Jasper Chrysocolla resin earrings

These pretty little earrings are filled with Red Jasper, Chrysocolla, and sand from Alaska. 

Malachite Wine Stopper  

This gorgeous wine stopper is filled with Turquoise, Malachite, Orange Oyster shell and sparkling white sand from Hawaii.