Third Eye Pinecones Pendants filled with Right Rocks Crushed Stone Sands!

Turquoise Lapis pendant

Nature is constantly amazing me. It’s a force to be reckoned with at times, and at times it’s something to simply be in awe of in all of the best ways. The celebration of the glorious treasures that come from this Earth is something that we at Right Rocks are passionate about, so finding other people or businesses who share that passion is something we deeply appreciate. It’s the commitment to the celebration of life and the positive vibrations in this world that make companies like Third Eye Pinecones a shining example of the commitment you can have to giving back as much as you take from our beautiful planet. We have had the honor of working with this growing company for a few years now and are so proud that our crushed stone is a part of the work they are doing.
Third Eye Pinecone’s pendants are crafted with love and a pure respect for the preservation of the natural beauty of one of the world's densest pinecones – The Knobcone Pine. They are sustainably gathered high in the Santa Cruz Mountains and handled with incredible care to produce some seriously stellar one of a kind pendants that are artfully inlayed and often adorned with other precious stones from the Earth. It’s a perfect combination of elements from around the world that come together to create metaphysically minded and environmentally friendly Talismans.
Not only are these pieces super unique, they are super packed with positive intensions. For every Pinecone Pendant they sell this company uses a portion of the profits to work with American Forests, a non-profit organization, to replant trees and rebuild our forests. So when you wear one of these incredible creations, know that your choice to rock awesomely organic jewelry just planted the seeds for new tress to grow.
In the photos below are some examples of the work Third Eye Pinecone has done with Right Rocks crushed stone!
Third Eye Pinecones Malachite Sugilite Lapis Pendant
This pendant is a show stopper featuring Lab Created Sugilite,
Lapis Lazuli, and Malachite 
Third Eye Pinecones Turquoise Pendant
Tempting Turquoise takes you to a place where art meets nature in this 
lovely pendant. 
Third Eye Pinecones Lapis Malachite Pendant
I adore the center stone featured and the way the Lapis and Malachite dance around it. 
Third Eye Pinecones Lapis Pendant
Lapis Lazuli captivates in the center of this pinecone.
Third Eye Pinecones Lapis Sugilite Pendant
This sacred geometry is filled with Lapis in the center and surrounded by 
Lab Created Sugilite. 
Turquoise Malachite Third Eye Pinecones Pendant
One of my favorite pendants they have every created and I love the way 
our Turquoise and Malachite compliment the large cabochon in the center. 
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Lapis Malachite Third Eye Pinecones Pendant
You can see all of the jaw-dropping designs by Third Eye Pinecones here:
By the way, the founder of Third Eye Pinecones, Carl Weiseth, has a journey behind the how this company came to be that is truly inspiring and worth listening to. Hear the incredible story by following this link: