About Us

Kourtney Chalmers Michael Long Right Rocks
Now Located in New Braunfels, Texas, Right Rocks started in Arizona in 2012 and rapidly became one of the largest online providers of crushed semi-precious offerings on the market. It has been an exciting journey to bring this unique product line into the world of artistry and metaphysical practices.
As artists and metaphysical practitioners ourselves, we are extremely dedicated to the visual appeal and energetic qualities of the stones and crystals we offer.

We, much like many of the artists we work with, are constantly evolving both in our artistic endeavors and spiritual pursuits. It has been an absolute joy to serve such an amazingly diverse audience of creative visionaries.

Michael Long

Michael Long Right Rocks

Michael is the Mineral Mastermind behind our drive to share incredible treasures from the Earth with our community. He keeps the crushed crystals and stones flowing while infusing them with positive Reiki energy!


Kourtney Chalmers

Kourtney Chalmers Right Rocks

Kourtney's role is diverse and includes sales, creative marketing, connecting with the artistic community, and managing our site/social media content.