Black Tourmaline Crystal - Medium Sand
Black Tourmaline Crystal - Medium Sand
Black Tourmaline Crystal - Medium Sand

Black Tourmaline Crystal - Medium Sand

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  • Medium Sand = Between .425 and .85 Millimeters 
  • Popular for : Resin jewelry, Fill Bezel Settings, Wood inlay, Art, Orgone Generators, Energy Work 
  • Mohs Scale: 7 to 7.5
  • Chakra: Root Chakra - Repel and block negative energy, grounding stone

Natural Black Tourmaline Crystal crushed to the size of our Medium Sand. 

Black Tourmaline is an undeniably beautiful crystal full of possibilities. 

Our product is 100% genuine. We DO NOT add fillers to our product to give artists the impression that they are getting more bang for their buck, so the quality you see is what you get! A “filler” allows the product to be listed as 100% natural, but it does not mean it’s 100% of the stone you expect to see (Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Mother of Pearl, etc.). You can see clearly from a photo of the product you are purchasing when there are large amounts of “matrix” or other natural rocks mixed into the product which gives the crushed stone you are buying an unclean finish. Our product has been handled with the utmost care to ensure that you will have a show worthy product by the time you are finished crafting with our material.


This has been energetically cleansed, grounded and charged through a variety of practices including Reiki, Crystal Grids, and Sound Healing.

Black Tourmaline is a stone of incredible Mysticism, and is particularly loved by Shamans for it's accuracy in Scrying works and protection rituals.

This Crystal is undeniably powerful for grounding. Use Black Tourmaline to quiet outside forces and center yourself during meditation. This gorgeous Crystal can stop panic attacks and create a sense of calm in situations that would normally cause great anxiety, such as doctors office appointments or visits to the dentist.

If you have an emotional Vampire in your life, or suspect you do, keep Black Tourmaline on you at all times. Emotional vampires are dangerous for both your mental and physical health. They may not realize what they are doing, but these people can drain you of your happiness and energy.

If you suffer from motion sickness you may want to add Black Tourmaline to your Metaphysical Medicine pouch, but it also has an unexpected (and much appreciated) effect as an energetic aphrodisiac.

Note: Metaphysical descriptions and healing properties of stones or crystals are not meant to replace medical advice or treatments. Ingesting the stones can be dangerous based on each stones individual toxicity. Please use common sense and safety precautions (such as keeping them out of the reach of small children) when using these gifts from the earth.

Kourtney Chalmers 

Artist Outreach Manager