Chakra Sand - Large Sand
Chakra Sand - Large Sand

Chakra Sand - Large Sand

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Chakra Stones in this Mix
Crown - Amethyst
Third Eye - Sodalite & Lapis Luzuli
Throat - Aquamarine
Heart - Green Aventurine
Solar Plexus - Citrine 
Sacral - Carnelian 
Root - Red Jasper 
  • Large Sand = Between .85 and 2 Millimeters 
  • Popular for : Energy Work, Resin Jewelry, Filling Bezel Settings, Art, Molds, Woodturning, Ring Turning, Orgone Generators

You may not be able to taste this Rainbow, but you will definitely feel it. A perfect blend of the highest quality natural stones aligned with each of the Chakras come together to raise your vibration in the most divine way.