Malachite - Extra Large Sand
Malachite - Extra Large Sand

Malachite - Extra Large Sand

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  • Extra Large Sand = Between 2 and 4 Millimeters 
  • Popular for : Wood Inlay, Resin Jewelry, Filling Bezel Settings, Art, Energy Work
  • Mohs Scale: 3.6 to 4
  • Chakra: Heart - Positivity, Helps with Depression, Confidence

Our brand new batch of Malachite, from central Africa, is the highest quality we have ever had the pleasure of working with. We couldn't be more excited to see what everyone creates with this!

Malachite, with its beautiful, rich green color, leaves no doubt of its importance as a jewel. The addition of this hypnotic color is bound to draw all the right kind of attention to your projects!

Our product is 100% genuine. We DO NOT add fillers to our product to give artists the impression that they are getting more bang for their buck, so the quality you see is what you get! A “filler” allows the product to be listed as 100% natural, but it does not mean it’s 100% of the stone you expect to see (Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Mother of Pearl, etc.). You can see clearly from a photo of the product you are purchasing when there are large amounts of “matrix” or other natural rocks mixed into the product which gives the crushed stone you are buying an unclean finish. Our product has been handled with the utmost care to ensure that you will have a show worthy product by the time you are finished crafting with our material.

Metaphysical Properties:

This has been energetically cleansed, grounded and charged through a variety of practices including Reiki, Crystal Grids, and Sound Healing.

Malachite is a protection stone, absorbing negative energies and pollutants from the atmosphere and from the body. As a stone of transformation, Malachite encourages change and emotional risk-taking. It shows what is blocking your spiritual growth, draws out deep feelings and psychosomatic causes, then allows you to break unwanted ties and outworn patterns. It encourages the expression of feelings, alleviating shyness and teaching the responsibility for one's own thoughts and actions. It supports friendships and empathy for other people. [Hall, 183-4]

Malachite helps battle depression and anxiety, gives resistance to emotional blackmail and heals emotional abuse, especially when suffered in childhood. It also encourages healthy relationships based on love and not need. [Eason, 283] Malachite assists in overcoming fear of confrontation, or fear of being seen or noticed, and helps one find the strength within to assume their rightful place in the Universe.

CAUTION: Malachite is considered toxic and should be handled with gloves and a mask while working with its unfinished form. It's very important not to inhale dust particles from this stone. Metaphysical descriptions and healing properties of stones or crystals are not meant to replace medical advice or treatments. Ingesting the stones can be dangerous based on each stones individual toxicity. Please use common sense and safety precautions (such as keeping them out of the reach of small children) when using these gifts from the earth.