Shungite - Small Sand
Shungite - Small Sand

Shungite - Small Sand

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Gorgeous pure Shungite in our Small Sand Variety.

This deep black beauty is the purest form of this pigment we have seen so far. The history of this stone is wildly intriguing and the options will be only limited by individual imagination. It is perfect for paint pigment, inlay, and a million metaphysical uses.

Our product is 100% genuine. We DO NOT add fillers to our product to give artists the impression that they are getting more bang for their buck, so the quality you see is what you get! A “filler” allows the product to be listed as 100% natural, but it does not mean it’s 100% of the stone you expect to see (Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Mother of Pearl, etc.). You can see clearly from a photo of the product you are purchasing when there are large amounts of “matrix” or other natural rocks mixed into the product which gives the crushed stone you are buying an unclean finish. Our product has been handled with the utmost care to ensure that you will have a show worthy product by the time you are finished crafting with our material.

History & Metaphysical:

This has been energetically cleansed, grounded and charged through a variety of practices including Reiki, Crystal Grids, and Sound Healing.

This 2 billion year old creation has only been found in the Karelia region of Russia. It's almost pure carbon and contains Fullerenes. These Fullerenes are setting the scientific community on fire with their ability to purify water, act as an incredibly powerful antioxidant, and the use of them in current cancer research as a possible treatment.

Shungite is said to absorb negative energy and EMF waves. It can purify the energy of a space and bring light back into your aura. It's often kept next to microwaves, cell phones, televisions, etc.

Meditating with this super stone calms anxiety, relieves insomnia, helps you break negative patterns, and balances your root chakra.

Metaphysical descriptions and healing properties of stones or crystals are not meant to replace medical advice or treatments. Ingesting the stones can be dangerous based on each stones individual toxicity. Please use common sense and safety precautions (such as keeping them out of the reach of small children) when using these gifts from the earth.

Kourtney Chalmers 

Artist Outreach Manager