Sodalite - Medium Sand
Sodalite - Medium Sand

Sodalite - Medium Sand

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  • Medium Sand = Between .425 and .85 Millimeters 
  • Popular for : Wood Inlay, Resin Jewelry, Filling Bezel Settings, Art, Energy Work, Orgone Generators 
  • Mohs Scale: 5.5 to 6
  • Chakra: Third Eye - Trusting Instincts, Confidence 
Sodalite blue enough to blow your mind straight out of Montana, USA crushed to our Medium Sand Variety.

This Sodalite is out of this world ya'll. The bluest we have ever seen. It's a true Cobalt or Indigo and when illuminated from behind it's breath taking. This is a game changer for everything from jewelry inlay, inlay in wood based creations, resin/epoxy work, molds/casts, artwork, Orgone generators, and the list is seriously as long as my love for this stone. Let your imagination run wild.

Our product is 100% genuine! There is a HUGE difference in getting 100% natural material and getting material that is 100% of the natural material you actually wanted to purchase. We DO NOT add fillers to our product to give buyers the impression that they are getting more bang for their buck, so the quality you see is what you get! A “filler” allows the product to be listed as 100% natural, but it does not mean it’s 100% of the stone you expect to see (Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Mother of Pearl, etc.). You can see clearly from a photo of the product you are purchasing when there are large amounts of “matrix” or other natural rocks mixed into the product which gives the crushed stone you are buying an unclean finish. Our product has been handled with the utmost care to ensure that you will have a show worthy product by the time you are finished crafting with our material.


This has been energetically cleansed, grounded and charged through a variety of practices including Reiki, Crystal Grids, and Sound Healing.

In general this enchanting stone is powerful for the Throat and Third Eye Chakras. It brings incredible insight, intuition, and aid one in understanding patterns so it is a fantastic stone for astrologers and those who read tarot cards. Given that it is in line with the Throat Chakra, which is the embodiment of truth speaking, and the Third Eye Chakra, which helps one see things from the perspective of one's higher self and the all knowing spirit, having this stone will help you to live a more authentic life as it aids in idealism and self-discipline combined with incredible intuition.

In the Zodiac Birthstone list you will find that Sodalite is the Birthstone of Sagittarius and as a Sagittarius wearing this stone can help you find hidden talents and gifts you may not have been aware of while greatly enhancing the ones that you already have.

In meditation, this stone can aid in blocking thoughts that may interrupt your goals and help transition you into a deeper meditative state.

In a group setting this stone brings peace, harmony, and helps all members of the group to focus on a common goal.

Note: Metaphysical descriptions and healing properties of stones or crystals are not meant to replace medical advice or treatments. Ingesting the stones can be dangerous based on each stones individual toxicity. Please use common sense and safety precautions (such as keeping them out of the reach of small children) when using these gifts from the earth.

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Artist Outreach Manager
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